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Atlantic Edge Aviation (AEA) provides customized Aircraft lease solutions for Corporations and private clients across the globe. With the combination of our knowledgeable staff and extensive access to Aircraft, we can accommodate the unique Aircraft leasing needs of your business.

We are dedicated to exceeding your expectations in helping you find the right aircraft to fit your needs. Our Jet Aircraft leasing solutions range from 6 passenger to Jumbo Aircraft configuration.

Unfortunately, today's market has made it extremely difficult for many to find interested buyers for their aircraft. What’s worse is that the buyers that are found are not willing to pay the prices most need to clear the note off of the books.

However, with an Atlantic Edge Aviation Leasing program, you can stop the cash flow drain of an unused or underutilized Aircraft and receive a guaranteed revenue stream for at least 12-24 months until the industry has finally stabilized from a soft-market. An AEA leased aircraft allows your company to take an unsold non-income producing aircraft and turn it into an income producing asset.

Why Lease an Aircraft

  • Off Balance Sheet – Expense, NOT a Liability
  • No Upfront Capital Investment
  • No worries of Investment Risk via Asset Depreciation at time of sale
  • Turn the “keys” back in and walk away at the end of lease period

Why Lease Your Aircraft

  • In a Soft-Market, Aircraft don’t sell as quickly as some would like
  • It’s a buyer’s market, why sell into it when a lease can provide you time for your asset to appreciate back to normal levels once again
  • Turn an idol non-income producing asset into a cash flow generator

Leasing Rather than Purchasing a Fractional Share

  • Off Balance Sheet – Expense NOT a Liability
  • No 5-Year Commitment as in most Fractional programs
  • No upfront Capital Investment (Security Deposits usually apply)
  • Use 400+ hours per year (not limited to 1/8th or ¼ shares)
  • Lower cost flight hours after 150+ hours in most cases
  • Many aircraft can be leased under a current engine and “tip to tail” maintenance program insuring the maintenance costs are covered with no overrun liabilities
  • No Asset Depreciation – your capital is not at risk of loss to Aircraft price depreciation as is usually the case with Private and Fractional ownership upon disposal of Aircraft

For more information on Atlantic Edge's Lease Financing Solutions, be sure to Contact AEA.